The day has finally come! Today is the online debut for my short film 'Relaxatron 5000'.

This is the 1st film to come out of my Bad Studio, my animation company with Tim Unsworth, which looking at the lack of blog posts on my site took up a huge chuck of my time last year... but in all the right ways I must add.

What started off as a silly animated 'gag' film, made solely for Hamburg Int. Short Film Festival's ’Three Minute Quickie' competition, ended up being a very successful film on the festival circuit. It even won the 'Click For Flicks' award at the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival. If that wasn't enough, it's also represented by ARTE for TV rights in Germany and France and the wonderful folks at the Kurz Film Agency in Hamburg.

Sometimes its easy to forget that not all films we make have to be serious and full of big character arcs. Sometimes simple and funny is OK! It's been a real joy these past couple of years witnessing how much our silly little film makes audiences chuckle. There's got to be something said for that hey, when most of the time life can seem pretty grim in a world with Brexit and Trump.


WE WON!!!!! My short 'Relaxatron 5000' (produced by Bad Studio) won the 'Click For Flicks' award (sponsored by Orange) at the 39th Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival.

Thank you to the festival for programming our film and thanks to everyone who voted.
I'm super chuffed along with everyone at Bad Studio. Hooray!


More 'Relaxatron 5000' festival news!
The screenings
keeps on coming... which is nice.

Since my wonderful time at Concorto Film Festival my little animation has gone on to screen at the
International Extreme Short Film Festival in South Korea, 35th Festival Du Film D'Animation Pour La Jeunesse in France, Sedicicorto International Film Festival in Italy, as well as booking 2 more screening for 2017 at the 43rd International Film Festival Würzburg in Germany and
Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival 'Click for Flicks' programme in February.


Over the years I’ve been to many wonderful international film festivals but Concorto has to be up there with the best. 
The festival team are incredibly warm and welcoming, the city of Piacenza (in Northern Italy) is stunning, and the open-air screenings are set in a picturesque park under a canopy of stars. What more could you want?

We arrived early on the Wednesday, and after eating some delicious local food and Gelato (you have to really, it’s Italy right!?), we were driven out to the little village of Pontenure for our Italian Premiere of ‘Relaxation 5000)’. As we strolled into the grounds of the park, it was like walking into a bijoux music & arts festival. Past the food buffet, popcorn stand, mobile beer van, and music stage were hundreds of chairs laid out on the grass in front of a huge open-air cinema screen.

After gorging on freshly cooked pasta and sparkling red wine (which was strangely nice) we all sat down for 2hrs of wonderful short films. Aside from seeing ‘Relaxation 5000)’ send the audience into silly giggles here are some of my other short film highlights from our screening: ‘An Evening’ by Soren Green, ‘Peripheria’ by David Coquard-Dassault and my favourite ‘The Bathtub’ by Tim Ellrich.

‘Relaxation 5000)’ screens next in the following festivals:
SESIFF International Extreme Short Film Festival, Seoul, South Korea (Sept 2016)
35th Festival Du Film D’Animation Pour La Jeunesse, Bourg en Bresse, France (Oct 2016)
Sedicicorto International Film Festival, Forli, Italy (Oct 2016)


Festival News!
'Relaxatron 5000' has got into competition at 3 more film festival.

It 1st screens at 40th Open Air Filmfest Weiterstadt in Germany on 12th August; a wonderful outdoor festival in a forest.
It's then off to Italy for its Italian Premiere at the Concorto Short Film Festival which I'm pleased to be attending for a few days (more pics and news to follow once I'm back).

And finally it gets it's Asian Premiere mid September at the Seoul International Extreme Short Image & Film Festival in South Korea.


Bad Studio, the animation company I run with good friend Tim Unsworth, is 2 years old this week.
To celebrate we thought it would be a nice to give Bad Studio a make over.

Check out our new look website and logo and watch our new all singing, all dancing showreel below.


Last month my new animated short film ‘Relaxation 5000’, produced by Bad Studio, received its World Premiere at the 32nd Hamburg International Short Film Festival. Selected in the ’Three Minute Quickie’ competition it is fair to say I had a jam packed schedule with 4 screenings, in 4 different venues, over 4 days. 

It’s 1st screening was at the wonderful Lichtmess cinema in Altona, which was so hot inside it could have doubled up as a Sauna. That said, I didn’t care. I was too excited to finally see my new film on the big screen I barely noticed the river of sweat flowing down my back. Thankfully the screening was a huge succes which settled my nerves considerably.

As the reactions to the film went from strength to strength so did the audiences numbers. At the Open Air screening on the Friday night there had to be at least 450 people there. At first I thought the weather might scare people away but luckily the rain buggered off just in time and we were treated a perfectly warm evening to watch films under the stars and drink beer.

'Relaxatron 5000' was not the only reason I was in Hamburg this year. With my Bad Studio hat on, I was there to support Simon Ellis’ new short film ‘World War Cup’, which Bad Studio had the privilege to animate some stuff for.

It has to be said that the Hamburg Short Film Festival is something very special. After 5 days of short films, beer, parties and good company, everyone struggled to think of a single thing the festival team could have done to improve our experience. But how wrong we were! After returning home to the Bad Studio office with a fuzzy feeling inside the Hamburg Film Agency asked to represent ‘Relaxation 5000’ as it’s Sales Agent. Marvellous! Here’s to next year. Better ge making a new film.


My new animated short film 'Relaxatron 5000' gets its World Premiere this June at 32nd Hamburg International Short Film Festival. Produced by animation company Bad Studio, 'Relaxatron 5000 was made with Hamburg Film Festivals 'Three Minute Quickie' competition in mind. Every year there's a new theme and this years theme was 'Switch Off'.

Check out the trailer below.


I'm sadly back in Blighty after 4 fantastic days' at GoShort International Short Film Festival.

Once again the festival team smashed it out of the park delivering a huge array of incredible short films, all wrapped up in the warm blanket that is dutch hospitality.

This year I had 2 films screening at the festival. On the day we arrived, 'Exercise' screened in an animal themed programme of short films called 'Fast and Furry' which was hands down the most wonderfully weird & wacky screening I've ever been too. How often do you walk into a cinema to find 2 women pretending to be animals, get handed a diamante studded Banana (don't ask), then have your trampolining fox film follow a Snoop Dogg music video? Inspired Wouter Jansen, truly inspired.

My next screening wasn't until the evening of the closing night so we happily killed time eating food, watching films and drinking foamy beer. By the time 'Something For Nothing' screened in the Open Air program on Saturday we were well into the swing of things. Overall it was a nice screening but sadly my delicate, gentle sound design was lost amongst the noises of festival life. Win some, you lose some!

As always, I like to highlight my favourite festival short films so here's some films to keep a look out for:

'Pouters' by Paul Fegan, 'Symphony no. 42' by Reka Bucsi, 'Love Me More' by Kristoffer Carlin, 'Beyond The Forest' by Francesca Bertin & Leonhard Kaufmann, 'The House Guard' by Ingel Vaikla, 'The Sniper of Kabani' by Reber Dosk, 'With All Our Cameras' by Miguel Lopez Beraza, and my personal favourite '9, Chemin des Gauchoirs', which was not only visually wonderfully and a bonkers idea, but manages to use 3D perfectly to enhance the viewing experience. Anyone who knows me well knows I hate 3D films but I can't imagine this film without it. Bravo!

Anyway, I could go on and on about this festival, the great times I had and the fantastic people I spent time with but I won't bore you with the details. The only thing I have left to say is that GoShort is a film festival not to be missed. Put it in your calendar for April 2017.


This month I'm off to the wonderful GoShort International Short Film Festival in Nijmegen, Netherlands.

I attended this festival 2 years ago and what a blast I had. Wonderful films, amazing parties and great people. Suffice to say I'm a tad exciting to be going back. This year I'm honoured to have 2 films in the festival. The trampolining foxes from 'Exercise' will be hopping all over the screen in the 'Fast and Furry' program on 7th April @ 22:00. Also 'Something For Nothing' is screening in an open air program called 'Short in the Air 3' on 9th April.


After a 'Best Cinematography' award, 26 international short film festivals, and 2 successful years screening on ShortTV, my film 'Where There's Smoke' is now live to watch on my site.

A tale about a couple’s troubled relationship colliding with a stranger’s good intentions.

"Where There’s Smoke, is heartbreakingly beautiful... This film narrates something huge, yet is so subtle and clever in the handling; think tension and pregnant pauses akin to American Beauty but without the soundtrack,
combined with the stunning Suffolk seascapes and their cold greys and blues."

(Jennifer Gleadell, NVA)


Last week, the festival trailer I directed for the 30th Brest European Short Film Festival finally got it's official screening.
Played before every short film screening (including the opening and award ceremony) there were plenty of opportunities for me to see it in all its glory and the response, I have to say, was overwhelming. People clapping and singing in their seats was an experience to cherish for years to come. According to the festival 27,600 people saw it. Gosh!

Many thanks to the wonderfully funny and inspiring ladies that make up the Red Wheelies, my talented DoP Andy Parsons and his 1st AC Peter Ayriss, Sinead Skinner & Kate Cheesham for their fab costume and makeup, Alison Ballard & Antony Passarelli for looking after us on set and J.D McPherson for allowing us to use their track 'Head Over Heals'.
And so, at the risk of sounding like an Oscar acceptance speech, I like to finally thank the festival team and especially Massimiliano Nardulli, who's fantastic support and trust is hugely appreciated.

Regardless of the excitement that came from screening my trailer in France, my experience in Brest was fantastic. Not only was it a joy to watch the 1st film I worked on (What About The Bodies) screen in Simon Ellis' 21st retrospective, it was great to see fella roommate's Ben Adler win the Special Jury Prize with 'Coach' and Peter King win Youth Jury Prize for 'Crack' (even if Peter King ate all our ham).


With Halloween just around the corner, why not get yourself in the mood by watching my newly remastered cautionary tale 'Things We Leave Behind' and my latest Film4 ghost film 'What The Dog Saw'.

Written & Directed by Andrew Brand

Written & Directed by Andrew Brand


A week or so ago I attended the Timishort Film Festival in Romania and I have to say my experience was nothing short of wonderful.

For me this trip was a trip of first's. My 1st time in Romania, my 1st time on an International Jury and my 1st time presenting a 'Focus Programme' of my films. After spending the first night getting acquainted with my fellow Jury members, the wonderful actress Diana Cavalliotis & Artist / Musician Danielle De Picciotto, we were put to work watching the 20-25 shorts in competition.

Programmed by the legend that is Massimiliano Nardulli, we were presented with an array of cracking films with my highlights being 'The Conversation' by Anastasia Novikova, 'The Bear' by Nathan Willcocks, 'Zeus' by Pavel Vesnakov, 'Bear' by Pascal Florks, 'The Jacket' by Patrick Vollrath (which we gave a Special Mention too) and our International Jury prize winner 'If You Leave Me Now' by Maria Eriksson.

With our work complete on the International Jury awards, I was left with the nerve-racking task of presenting my first focus programme which consisted of 6 of my own short films as well as 2 films from other filmmakers ('Thousand' by Simon Ellis & 'After Tomorrow' by Emma Sullivan). For me, this was an opportunity to see how my random mix of filmmaking styles screen together in one programme and it was mostly an enjoyable experience, if not a little strange
seeing 8 years of my filmmaking career flash before my eyes.

Overall Timishort is an absolute delight of a film festival, screening great films and run by some of the most hospitable, warm people you could ever wish to meet. I will be going back next year for sure!


The 30th Brest European Short Film Festival trailer I directed is now live!

Based around the theme 'We might be getting older but we still know how to have fun', the trailer features the super inspiring ladies from the Red Wheelies; a mobility scooter display team raising awareness for multiple sclerosis.

Many thanks to Jackie Weeden, Kate Davies, Sue Crook, Gill Smith, Fran Dean, Sandra May, Linda Keen and Brenda Newby from the Red Wheelies, my fantastic DoP Andrew Parsons, Sinead Skinner and Kate Cheesham for Costume and Makeup, 1st AC Peter Ayriss, Alison Ballard & Antony Passarelli who fed us like kings, and J.D. McPherson for allowing us to use his track 'Head Over Heels'.

Also a special thanks to Brest European Short Film Festival, Massimiliano Nardulli, Lena Bernard, Iwan Powell, Doreen Stone, Herne Bay Pier Trust, Kent Film Office & families of the Red Wheelies


I'm so happy to announce that my latest film 'What The Dog Saw', commissioned by Film4 & Channel4 for 'A Moment Of Horror' series, is now available to watch on All4.

So turn the lights off, crank the sound up and click here to watch my moment of horror.


My new short film 'What The Dog Saw' is finally complete. We finished the colour grade at Technicolour this morning and as I speak the quicktime and DCP is being exported.

'What The Dog Saw' will premiere at FrightFest in a horror–themed series of 6 shorts entitled 'A Moment of Horror'.

As well as this dedicated screening of all 6 films, 'What The Dog Saw' will screen before the feature film 'Rabid Dogs', directed by Éric Hannezo. If you are unable to get tickets for FrightFest you will still be able to see all 6 films exclusively on All 4

I'm very happy with the film and really gratefully to everyone who helped me make it.
I'd like to particularly thank my DP Nic Booth who did a wonderful job shooting it, Simon Ellis for his beautiful edit, Alexa Brown, Tom Geens and Dudley the dog for their wonderful performances, Matt Osborne @ HelloYes for the VFX, Channel 4 & Film4 for funding the film, and last but not least, my incredible producer Zorana Piggott at 011 Productions. Without her, none of us would have such great films. All of us owe her a pint of gin at the very least!


The 30th Brest European Short Film Festival trailer is finally shot. After being rained off the first time, the sun finally shone down on us. So, at 7am we all jumped in our cars to Herne Bay for one of the most random but fun days of my year.

The theme behind this year's trailer was 'We might be getting older but we still know how to have fun.'  So what says fun more than a group of women, dressed up to party, riding along the seafront on mobility scooters.
The stars of the trailer are the 'Red Wheelies', a mobility scooter display team raising awareness for multiple sclerosis. Yes, a mobility scooter display team. They actually exist!

Doing projects like this, really reminds you how incredibly generous people can be. I couldn't be more grateful to everyone who gave up their time to make this happen.

Big thanks to Brest European Short Film Festival, my wonderful camera team Andy Parsons & Peter Ayriss, costume designer Sinead Skinner, makeup artist Kate Cheesham, catering team Alison Ballard & Antony Passarelli, Iwan Powell, J.D. McPherson for letting us use his track, and of course the wonderful, super-inspiring women from the Red Wheelies, their family and friends.


Here is the press release from Channel 4 about my new short film 'What The Dog Saw'.


For the first time ever this year, Film4 FrightFest will premiere six horror–themed short films from All 4.

The series, entitled A Moment of Horror, consists of six individual episodes and will premiere throughout the festival which begins on 27th August 2015. All films will then be available exclusively on All 4 at www.all4.com/shorts (opens in a new window)

The films’ directors consist of Rose Glass (Room 55, Film of City Frames), Christian James (Freak Out, Stalled), Weronika Tofilska (winner of FrightFest’s Short Cuts to Hell competition), Lee Lennox (AmStarDam), Andrew Brand (Where There’s Smoke), and Michelle Fox (Zominic), all of who bring their own distinct dark thoughts to the screen. Cast who feature in the series includes Alice Lowe (Sightseers, Hot Fuzz), David Oakes (Truth or Die, The Borgias), Alexa Brown (Absent Mind, The Trial) and Elizabeth Chan (Black Mirror, Silent Witness.).

The creepy encounters in the series include the tale of a young mother who discovers she feeds something much more sinister than her own baby; a janitor who notices the doors he closes on his nightshift never remain shut; and an anxiety sufferer whose troubles take a physical form during a bath-time black out.

NIGHT FEED by Christian James
A young mum is woken in the middle of the night by her hungry, crying baby. In the dark and half conscious, she autopilots her way through the nightly routine... but tonight, something else is waiting.

BATH TIME by Rose Glass
Every night before she goes to bed, Evy listens to a self-help tape that aims to tackle her crippling anxiety disorder. But while having a bath, her anxieties take on a horribly physical form…

THE DOORKEEPER by Weronika Tofilska
A janitor walks through a long, dark corridor at night, closing a number of doors on his way. But the job is not as easy as it seems, since someone - or something - is intent on keeping them open.

BEHIND YOU by Lee Lennox
A little girl’s favourite bed-time read is a creepy 19th century spectral illusions book, which hides a nasty surprise for the girl’s babysitter.

WHAT THE DOG SAW by Andrew Brand
All Linda wants to do is sleep but her dog Max won't stop barking. If only she knew what the dog saw…

KILLING TIME by Michelle Fox
A rebellious intern wastes time at work on her mobile phone and discovers a vengeful boss is a force to be reckoned with.

A Moment of Horror will disturb your perception of the mundane, and plant images in your head that will make you think twice before turning off the light at night.

The series is produced by Zorana Piggott at 011 Productions and was commissioned by Jody Smith and Sam Lavender at Channel 4.


This month has been a rollercoaster ride for me. Not only have I been in prep to shoot the trailer for 30th Brest European Short Film Festival, only to be scuppered by the british weather, forcing me to reschedule, but I've been commissioned by Channel 4 / Film4 to make a new short film.

With the festival trailer now planned to be shot on 30th July, my short film will be shot before that. Next week to be precise.

My new short film called 'What The Dog Saw' is part of Film4/Channel 4’s “A Moment of Horror” series. They are making six films in total which will all premiere at FrightFest at the end of August. They have four screens (a ‘Main screen’ and 3 ‘Discovery screens’) and in each screen will play all six films before / in between other features. So that’s 24 screenings in total, which is brilliant.

Expect more news about this film and the festival trailer very soon.


I'm very pleased to announce that 'Exercise' will get it first TV broadcast on Springwatch Extra tomorrow afternoon, 9th June, which is live from 4.30-5.30pm on BBC Red button (channel 809). It will also be on BBC 2 online, and it will be on iPlayer after that.

In other news, 'Something For Nothing' will be screening in the Main Competition of the 8th International Children's Film Festival in Poland on Sunday 13th June 2015.


Spring is well and truly here and, while baby Lambs jump around in the countryside, fox cubs in the city learn how to bounce on a trampoline.

On this very day, back in 2012, we caught our first sight of the fox cubs that would become the stars of my experimental short documentary 'Exercise'. As we filmed them growing up I never thought that it would lead to me travelling all over the world introducing these lovable fox cubs to crowds of excitable festival goers.

Over the past 3 years 'Exercise' has received 4 nominations for various short film awards, been screened at 27 international film festivals, featured on the 15th Mo&Friese Children's Film Festival Anniversary DVD, and has been seen by over 13,500 people at 487 film events, thanks to the wonderful guys at the Kurz Film Agency in Hamburg. They have done such an amazing job distributing my short film and I couldn't thank and recommend them enough.

Finally, I can't go without saying thanks to Composer Richard Keyworth who brought this film alive with his wonderful score.

Happy fox day and hope you all enjoy the film.


At the beginning of this year, like most people, I had lots of GRAND plans for 2015. January and February are always slow months for freelance filmmaking work so I thought I'd hit the ground running on my own projects while it was quiet. How wrong I was!

From 27th December until this week, work has been non-stop for Bad Studio and I've not achieved a single thing with regards to my own filmmaking practice. I've had a blast these last three months. I've worked with some wonderful people and I'm truly proud of all the work we are doing at Bad Studio, some of which you can check out by simply clicking on the newly added Bad Studio menu button above. But, deep down, I'm never happy only doing one thing. I have so many new short films and feature projects I'm desperate to get off the ground, so hopefully over the next few months, I'll be able to put some time aside and get some work done on my personal projects. Wish me luck!


Another festival screening for 'Exercise'. That's 28 now!

It will be screening at the fantastic 9th International Short Film Festival Zubroffka which runs from the 3rd - 7th December in Bialystok, Poland.


I am happy to announce that 'Something For Nothing' receives it's US Premiere at the 14th Valley Film Festival this December.

It will be screening as part of the 'Flights Of Fantasy' program on 13th December 2014 at 10pm. So, if by any chance you are in North Hollywood in December nip over and support this great festival.

In other news, those fun filled foxes from my short film 'Exercise' are back on home soil this November. Having bounced their way around the world this past year, they are next screening at the Greenhorn Short Film Festival in London; the very festival I spoke at last year on a panel with, much to my surprise and others, Mike Leigh. The festival runs from 16th - 18th of November and 'Exercise' screens in the 'Lite Lunch Shorts' on Monday 17th November between 1.00pm - 2.00pm at The ArtHouse Crouch End. Hope to see you there.


As some of you might already know, me and an old art school friend Tim Unsworth set up our 3D design company 'Bad Studio' three months ago . Hoorah for us!

Well, ever since, my world has been a 3D blur and my ever supportive girlfriend has become an animators widow. But, for all this hard work it has inspired me to make not one but two fully animated shorts. One is still in its infancy but the other is very much gathering speed. So here is a sneak peak of what's to come.

Check out the teaser trailer below and also feel free to check out our new company 'Bad Studio' at www.badstudio.co.uk.


The foxes are off to America again and this time they are bouncing all the way to the Traverse City Film Festival in Michigan.
The festival runs from the 29th July to 3rd August with 'Exercise' screening in the 'Shorts for Kids' programme on Wednesday 30th at 9:30am.


Another year, another Hamburg International Short Film Festival.
Whilst the festival were celebrating their 30th anniversary I was celebrating my 10th time at the festival and once again the experience was nothing far from amazing. Great friends, great parties and great films.

This year 'Exercise' made it's return to the festival for a second year running, screening in the sport themed 'Open Air' programme; 200 or so people, relaxing outside, drinking beer and watching films on a warm Hamburg evening. After a quick Q&A with festival director Sven Schwarz the excitable foxes opened the programme to the delight of the audience who 'Ooooo'd', 'Ahhhhh'd' and chuckled as they jumped around on the trampoline.

Staying briefly with the open air programmes, this year I attended the wonderful 'A Wall is a Screen'. If you ever get the opportunity to attend one of these events do it! A selection of short films projected on existing walls or other surfaces in 6-7 different inner city locations. Every film chosen to be able to interact with the location where it is screened. This year was particularily special as ever film was projected in it's original format. 35mm, 16mm, U-Matic, to good old VHS.

Due to all the late night parties, 35ml bar and constant supply of legendary toasties made by Apollos and Jutta, I
sadly didn't get to see as many films as I would have hoped but from what I did see these are my festival picks. 'Subtotal' by Gunhild Enger, 'Demontable' by Douwe Dijkstra, 'The Claustrum' by Jay Rosenblatt, 'One Man, Eight Cameras' by Naren Wilks, 'Solecito' by Oscar Ruiz Navia, 'The First Time' by Anders Hazelius and finally my favourite 'Emergency Calls' by Hannes Vartiainen and Pekka Veikkolaine.


'Something For Nothing' will be screening next at the 7th International Children’s Film Festival Krakow in Poland this coming June. More news to follow once the programme is live.


It has been so super crazy since getting back from the Netherlands that this is the first opportunity I've had to sit down and write about my recent trip to Nijmegen to attend the 6th GoShort International Short Film Festival.

I've come to realise two things about being a poor filmmaker. 1: You become unable to take a holiday that doesnt involved attending a film festival and 2: You have to have a super understanding girlfriend to put up with the first point which I thankfully do.

Now, my girlfriend Ali has been trying for 10 years to take me to the country where she lived for part of her student life, so when 'Exercise' was selected for the Youth Programme we had no better reason to finally introduce me to the Netherlands. The mini tour of the Netherlands began with Den Haag, a beautiful, picturesque city nestled on the north west coast of Europe. After a day of nostalgia, eating and drinking in Ali's favourite bars and cafe and visiting the houses she used to live, we headed out to Kijkduin to visit James Turrell's 'Celestial Vault'.

Amongst the dunes of Den Haag, Turrell has created a place to gaze at the sky; a bowl in the shape of an ellipse, 30 meters wide and 40 meters long. If you have never heard of James Turrell then shame on you. Make sure you do one thing today and google Roden Crater. The man is a stroke of genius!

Anyway... after only 36 hours in Den Haag we continuing Ali's magical mystery tour of nostalgia by heading off to Rotterdam and Amsterdam. After three days of visiting friends, cube houses, jazz bars, galleries, sculpture parks and eating our own body weight in food all of which was washed down with plenty of Brand beer, we jumped on a double decker train to Nijmegen to attend 6th GoShort International Short Film Festival.

It didn't take us long to realise it was going to be a hilarious and messy festival when the first thing my dear Russian friend Alexei said to us was "Have you seen the dead animals?" and promptly opened a cool bag containing said animals.
Like all good filmmakers we jumped into the madness with both feet and the next 3 days became an alcohol fueled blur of parties and screenings of short films. My personal favourites have to be the harrowing documentary 'Shipwreak' by Morgan Knibbe, 'Z1' by Gabriel Gauchet, 'Pride' by Pavel Vesnakov, 'Marc Jacobs' by Sam de Jong, 'Demontable' by Douwe Dijkstra and 'Butter Lamp' by Hu Wei.

The screening of 'Exercise' was on the final day of the festival and what a delightful screening it was. I love screening films to children. They have such a wonderful outlook on films and the screenings and Q&A's are always exciting and unexpected. Where else do you get the audience standing up and dancing to the song on your film?

I have to say that GoShort is one of the best film festivals i've attended in years. In festival terms, GoShort is a young festival, a mere 6 years olds, but you would never know it. It's so well organised and the programming is so strong you would think it had been running for 20 years. A truly spectacular festival, run by even more spectacular people.


Quick festival update. It's been a busy few months for 'Something For Nothing' and 'Exercise' on the festival circuit with screenings on home soil as well as France, Germany and Netherlands.

Last month 'Something For Nothing' had it's second screening in France. After it was seen at the Festival Européen du Film Court de Brest back in November it was selected for the Ciné Manivel European Short Movies event in Bretagne. In the same month 'Exercise' screened in Germany at the 20th International Short Film Week Regensburg as well as screening closer to home in Birmingham at the Flatpack Film Festival.


This weekend 'Exercise' gets it US Premiere at the 16th Annual BAMKids International Film Festival in New York, USA. These foxes are getting to travel more than me!


It's Valentine's Day and although I personally think that it's a load of commercial tosh I thought I'd share this tragic love story.

Back in early January the guys at Bruizer called in a team of people, including myself, to make a chain reaction film in the amazing Hush House on Bentwaters airfield in Suffolk. The aim to show how far Bruizer will go to get the perfect shot.

Watch what we made by clicking here


Couple of bit of news to start the month. 'Something For Nothing' has been selected to screen at the Directors Lounge that runs during the Berlinale Film Festival this February. For anyone out in Berlin for the festival my film is screening on Saturday 15th, 9pm in Space A.

Also my short ‘Where There's Smoke’ is screening in an art gallery as part of Nottingham Trent University’s ‘In The Making’ exhibition. An event celebrating 170 years of the NTU School of Art & Design, where I graduated from back in 2002.


Just a quick update on the current and future festival screenings for 'Something For Nothing' and 'Exercise'.
I've just got back from the Curzon Soho where 'Something For Nothing' screened in the 'Youth of Today' programme as part of the 11th London Short Film Festival. A wonderful programme of coming-of-age shorts including my personal favourite 'No Kaddish in Carmarthen' by Jesse Amstrong.

Also for the past 19 days and the 12 days following, 'Something For Nothing' is screening before feature films in 16 art house cinema's across the Netherlands. I feel really privileged for the rare opportunity to get my short film screened before so many talented feature film makers. Thanks to all the guys at GoShort for making it possible. You can find out more about GoShort's 'Get the Pre-Feature Back' campaign on their Facebook page.

While I'm mentioning the folks at GoShort, it seems the appropriate time to mention that 'Exercise' has been selected for the youth programme at the sixth edition of the Go Short International Short Film Festival, Nijmegen. The festival runs from 9th - 13th April and I'm really hoping to attend so you might hear more about this great festival soon.

But before I get ahead of myself I should mention that 'Exercise' is screening at the 16th Annual BAMKids International Film Festival, New York in February and then the 20th International Short Film Week, Regensburg in March.

More about these festivals in the coming months.


A quick update on my screening dates for both 'Something For Nothing' and 'Exercise' at London Short Film Festival.

'Something For Nothing' will be screening as part of Youth of Today at the Curzon Soho, on Sunday 19th January, 12:30pm. This is a programme specially selected by the LSFF team showcasing shorts about growing up and coming-of-age in our difficult times.

Exercise' will be screening as part of Lo-Budget Mayhem at the ICA, on 10th January, 11pm, A programme specially selected by the LSFF team showcasing 29 out-there gems from bad taste depravity to bizarre animation in just over 100 minutes.

Hope to see you all there!


This weekend my two excitable fox cubs will be bouncing into Nottingham for the Bang! Short Film Festival.

will be screening on Saturday 30th October in the 'Crash Bang! Wallop' programme. There are two screening of this programme; one at 1pm and a second at 3pm. Make sure you come along and support this fantastic festival.


Got back late last night from the wonderful zwergWERK Film Festival in Oldenburg where 'Something For Nothing' and 'Exercise' were both screening.

As always, in Germany, we were looked after like kings by the fantastic festival team who had organised 4 days packed with wonderful films. My highlights were 'Stew and Punch' by Simon Ellis, 'Wildnis' by Helena Wittmann, 'Anacos' by Xacio Bano, 'My Father Looks Like Abdel Nasser' by Farah Kassem (which was part of the focus on Libanon programme) and 'Out of Erasers' by Daniel Wirtberg who was this years retrospective filmmaker.

zwergWERK Film Festival is a great example of why you should always make time to support, and more importantly, visit the smaller festivals. When else do you get the chance to stay in real peoples homes, help collect your lovely hosts child from Kindergarden, get a personalised walking tour of the city, help build a cinema screen, have breakfast in one of the festival teams homes, drink in a 'Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy' themed bar with friends and all this before you've been in the country 24hrs. Heres to short film festivals!


There is one downside to going to a wonderful festival like Festival Européen du Film Court de Brest... at one point it comes to an end and you have to go home.

Brest is a shining example of a festival that knows how to do it right. They show great films, it's really well organised and they take care of all their directors and make them feel like part of the family.

This year I was very honoured to have two films in the festival programmes; something I was told by the festival director Massi, doesnt happen very often. 'Something For Nothing' was in the 'Brest Off' programme while 'Exercise' was in competition in the 'ONVI' Programme.

On arrival in Brest (thanks British Film Council for paying my travel), I barely had time to check into my hotel and drink a cold beer before I was whisked up on stage to introduce one of my films to one of the largest crowds I've ever seen at a festival. The Grand Theatre, where I was stood, holds an eye watering 1200 people. Throughout the week the madness never stopped. When I wasn't in one of my remaining three screenings, I was either watching other filmmakers films, doing radio and TV interviews or drinking beer and wine.

Out of all the screenings I saw these are the short films that stood out for me.
'Cloro' by Laura Plebani (Italy), 'Moritz and the Woodwose' by Bryn Chainey (Germany), '37º4S' by Adriano Valerio (France), 'Yolanda' by Monsieur Moo (France), 'Sand' by Joost Van Ginkel and my favourite of them all 'Whale Valley' by Gudmundur Arnar Gudmundsson (Denmark).

Sadly the festival had to come to an end but hopefully I will be back next year to party some more with the fantastic festival team that looked after us so well.

Next stop zwergWERK Film Festival, Oldenburg!


It seems that 'Something For Nothing' and 'Exercise' are incapable of being in a festival on their own.
I am please to announce that they have both been selected for the London Short Film Festival in January.

The full programme will be announced on their website in December.


I am please to announce that
'Something For Nothing' and 'Exercise' have both got into another film festival.

They are both in competition at the zwergWERK Film Festival in Oldenburg, Germany this November.
Having known about this festival for many years now, I am very excited to be finally flying out to Oldenburg in a few weeks after attending Brest European Short Film Festival where both films are also screening.

'Exercise' will screen in "International Program 4: Something With Animals"
Saturday, November 23, 19:00h

'Something For Nothing' will screen in "International Program 5: Let's Play"
Sunday, November 24, 11:00h

The festival runs from 21st - 24th.


I am pleased to announce that 'Something For Nothing' and 'Exercise' have both been selected for the 21st Ozu International Film Festival in Italy.

'Something For Nothing' is programmed in the "Ozu Kidz" competition whilst 'Exercise' is programmed in the "Ozu 2 Short" competition.


The fox cubs are continuing their world tour this November with 4 more screenings of 'Exercise'.

Brest Film Festival

"Exercise' is screening at 27th International FilmFest Braunschweig in Germany, 13th Flensburger Short Film Festival also in Germany, Bang! Short Film Festival in Nottingham and finally in 28th Brest European Short Film Festival in France where 'Something For Nothing' is also screening.


What a fantastic month I've just had at the 57th BFI London Film Festival. Press screenings, opening and closing galas, networking events with the BFI and British Film Council and lots and lots of drinking (I mean networking) with great filmmakers friends, new and old.

BFI London Film Festival

The programme this year was very strong and I took full advantage of my festival accreditation seeing 19 feature films including 'Captain Phillips' and 'Gravity'. My highlights include 'We Are The Best' by Lukas Moodysson, 'Youth' by Tom Shoval, 'The Spectacular Now' by James Ponsoldt, 'Enough Said' by Nicole Holofcener and Alexander Payne's 'Nebraska'. Sadly I missed out on seeing 'Under The Skin', 'Ida', 'Locke' and 'Selfish Giant' but I've heard nothing but great things about them. I guess I'm adding them to my endless list of films to see.

Also 'Something For Nothing' got its UK Premiere at the festival, screening in the 'Thrill: Bizzare Ride' programme. Many thanks to Simon Young for a great short film programme and all the cast, crew and friends who came along to support it.

Something For Nothing UK Premiere

Both screenings were great experiences, if not very different ones. The first screening was in NFT2, an intermate screening of just over 100 people who were all in a jovial mood helped along by a few beers I suspect. The next screening, the following afternoon, was a tad more reserved. After us nervous filmmakers introduced our films, we joined the 300 other people in screen one of the Hackney Picturehouse to watch our shorts on the HUGEST screen. Having always made long (ish) live-action short films I have to admit I was concerned how such a short, simple idea would translate to an audience but I'm really pleased by how well it was received. Next festival stop Brest European Short Film Festival in France.


I am incredibly pleased to announce that 'Something For Nothing' has been selected for the 57th BFI London Film Festival in October.

Something For Nothing UK Premiere

It will feature in the 'Thrill: Bizarre Ride' programme. Screening times are as follows:

Date: Friday, October 18, 2013
Time: 20:45
Location: NFTS 2 / National Film Theatre, BFI Southbank

Date: Saturday, October 19, 2013
Time: 15:30

Locations: Hackney Picture House, Hackney


My foxes are off into the woods. I am delighted to announce that 'Exercise' has been selected by the lovely guys at Whirlygig Cinema for the In The Woods festival at the end of the month.

Now in its 8th year, Laurel Collective and friends are putting on their very special one day festival in an enchanted secret woodland location, just one hour south of London. 'Exercise' will be shown on 31st August as part of their weird and wonderful late-night programme called 'Cinemagic Mushrooms', with funny animals and psychedelic offerings.


I'm a big advocate for cinemas showing more short films before features so you can imagine my delight when the wonderful Wouter Jansen at Go Shorts International Short Film Festival asked if he could show 'Something For Nothing' before feature films in 16 arthouse cinemas across the Netherland for a whole month.

So if you are Dutch or by any chance in a cinema in the Netherlands in January you might see my film. Let me know if you do!


I am happy and extremely honoured to annouce that I have two films now screening at 28th Brest European Short Film Festival.
My fox film 'Exercise' will also be screening in France this November as well as my new short film 'Something For Nothing' (see earlier post).


It will be screening in competition in the new 'UFO' (Unidentified Filmed Objects) programme.


Well I was right! My fox cubs had another two festival screenings up their furry sleeves. And this time I didn't even have to enter my film. It was invited. Hooray!

First 'Exercise' will be first screening at the 37th Open-Air Filmfest Weiterstadt which will take place from 15th - 19th August 2013. Filmfest Weiterstadt is a well-established event in the calendar of German short film festivals. Some years ago the press started to call Weiterstadt the "Woodstock of Film Festivals".

'Exercise' is screening Saturday, August 17th at 10:30pm.

'Exercise' will then be screening at 22nd dokumentART European Film Festival in October. The festival runs from 18th - 22nd Oct 2013. More details to follow.


I'm so happy to announce that my new short film 'Something For Nothing' has been selected for the prestigious 28th Brest European Short Film Festival this November.

At the moment I know very few details bar that my film is programmed in the section Brest Off "J'aurais voulu être un criminel" which translates as "I should have been a thief". More news to follow.


My uber short film 'Exercise' is already surprising me by how well it's being received on the festival circuit. Since having its world premiere in at the Hamburg International Short Film Festival it is being considered to screen before feature films in cinemas across Germany and has already been included on a DVD of short films which you can buy here.

I am now pleased to announced that 'Exercise' has been selected for two more festivals and has been nominated for an award!

It is screening first at the Green Screen International Film Festival, Germany in September where it has been nominated for the
Wild Laugh award. Fingers Crossed! The festival runs from 5th - 9th Sep 2013.

It is also screening again in Germany at the 18th Schlingel International Film Festival in Chemnitz, Germany. This festival runs from 14th - 20th Oct 2013. I have a feeling that this little film has more surprises up it's furry sleeve. Lets wait and see!


This was my eighth Hamburg International Short Film Festival and probably one of the best. Going to Hamburg is like going to see family and friends now. Everyone is so welcoming, the festival is brilliantly organised and the parties are legendary. After a week here you'll never want to leave... but your liver might!

This year I was honoured to have two films in the festival, both of which were World Premieres. 'Something for Nothing' was screening in their new Youth programme and my experimental documentary 'Exercise' was screening in the Mo & Friese section for children four and over.

Although my screening of 'Something for Nothing' was great fun I have to admit I found my screenings of 'Exercise' the most rewarding. Screening a film to 200+ four year olds was a completely new experience for me. They bring so much energy, fun and excitement to the screenings with most of them having never been to the cinema. You can also never prepare for the sort of questions you might be ask. My first Q&A question was "How old are you?" followed quickly by "How old are the foxes?". When I told them the foxes were 6 months old every child in the cinema wanted to share their age with me shouting out "I'm 6... I'm 4... I'm 4 also!" Such a wonderfully cute audience!

I was also lucky to have an incredibly unique screening experience when 'Exercise' was programmed in a screening for partially deaf and blind children; with the blind children provided with an audio description (in minute detail) of each film. When the screening finished a blind girl, who had travelled 2 hours to visit the festival, told us that she was so excited that she could now go home and tell her friends that she had been to the cinema.

If this wasn't enough to top off my week, I was informed that 'Exercise' has been included on the 15th Mo&Friese Children's Film Festival DVD and is being considered to be screened before feature films all over Germany.

This year I managed to see 7 of the 8 international screenings. My highlights including:
'Skinninggrove' by Michael Almereyda, 'Pouters' by Paul Fegan (which won the audience award), 'The Runaway' by Jean-Bernard Marlin, 'Fucking Suburbia' by Jeff Otte, 'The Date' by Jenni Toivoniermi, 'Stew and Punch' by Simon Ellis, 'Undress Me' by Victor Lindgren, 'Da Vinci' by Yuri Ancarani, 'Koch' by Artykpai Suiundukov, 'Animals I Killed Last Summer' by Gustav Danielsson and finally 'Dad's Stick' by John Smith.

In other programmes highlights were:
'Hopfrog' by Leonid Shmelkov, 'I Am Here' by Karsten Krause & Francesa Bertin, 'BigShot' by Maurice Huvelin and 'The Wild' by Helena Wittmann.

Overall, all the guys at Hamburg Film Festival did themselves proud. Great films, great parties and great people.
Here's to next year!


I'm happy to announce that 'Where There's Smoke' and 'Something For Nothing' are now represented by Shorts International for worldwide sales.

Shorts International is the world's leading short movie entertainment company with the world's largest catalogue dedicated to short movies. They bring the best short movies to audiences in the United States, Europe and Asia whether they are in movie theaters, watching cable television, using their iPads or online.


I'm over the moon! My new short films, 'Something for
Nothing' and 'Exercise' are both premiering at the 29th Hamburg Short Film Festival as part of the 15th Mo&Friese Kinder Kurz Film Festival.

Considering they were two films that started off as experiments and were made for a bit of fun I couldn't be more pleased.
The festivals run from 4th - 10th June 2013. More news to follow.


Last month I got to opportunity to work with Rowland Kimber at Ivory and the guys at DLKW Lowe on a docu-style film for the fantastic charity Marie Curie Cancer Care.

We had two wonderful days (despite the weather) with the collectors from Bath and London who generously volunteered an hour of their time to help raise money and awareness for Marie Curie. Once shot and edited the lovely guys at Smoke and Mirrors (Dan Moran in particular) were kind enough to do us a grade. Watch it here


I can't believe Berlinale Talent Campus has come and gone. And what a fantastic week it was in Berlin. Seven days of lectures, masterclasses and partying... ummm I mean networking events that I'm only just getting over a week on.

Now in it's 11th year, the Talent Campus is such a well oiled machine, bringing together 300 incredibly talented filmmakers from 96 different countries, all run by people who welcomed us warmly to cold, snow covered Berlin.

My highlights of the week have to be the talk by Mr Robocop himself Paul Verhoeven, the Q &A's with Ken Loach ('Kes' & 'Wind That Shakes the Barley'), scriptwriter James Manos ('Sopranos' & 'Dexter') and Lucrecia Martel ('The Headless Woman & 'The Swamp') who's generosity with their experience, directing techniques and advice was truly inspiring and humbling, and the fantastically insightful masterclass with editor Susan Korda. If that wasn't enough the excitment continued with dinner at the British Council with Ken Loach himself and Valentine breakfast with world renowned director Wong Kar Wai ('In the Mood for Love' & 'Happy Together').

I couldn't say enough great stuff about Berlinale Talent Campus and the filmmakers I met and partied with over that week. If you have an opportunity to attend the Campus, don't pass it up. I'm just upset I can't do it again.


Happy New Year everyone. Lets give 2013 a good kicking hey!

This year already promises to be a good one. 'Where There's Smoke' is still going strong picking up another festival screening at the Akbank Short Film Festival in Turkey

In February i'm off to Berlinale Talent Campus for a week of networking and masterclasses with 300 up-and-coming filmmakers from across the globe.

And finally my new short film 'Something For Nothing' is finally finished. This film originally started off as an experiment to see if we could build a set in two days and shot the film in one. So, after dusting off a uber short script I had on the shelf which required only two actors and zero dialogue, away we went. The whole process is one i'd recommend to all filmmakers. There is a real lack these days of really short shorts. Most films on the festival circuit are ten minutes plus and you rarely see shorts under five minutes. I'm very intrigued to see how my five minute short film is received. They are either going to love its quiet simplicity of not. Only time will tell.

Also I'd like to take a moment to thank all the cast and crew for their incredible generosity. Like the title, so many people did 'something for nothing' to help make this idea become reality. I'm truly humbled by everyone's help.